Man arrested/accused of running unlicensed medical clinic

December 22, 2015

A Central Florida man has been arrested by State investigators for running an unlicensed medical clinic to rip off insurance companies for tens of thousands of dollars, according to a WFTC article.

State insurance fraud investigators stated that the clinic on Pine Hills road was a front for Yves Joseph’s lavish lifestyle. He was running an unlicensed medical clinic in Orange County and had millions of dollars moving through his accounts. As a result of his bank records, the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud was able to detect the fraud.

Investigator stated that Joseph’s office first opened in 2006, and that he would hire medical doctors and chiropractors to pose as the owners of the clinic in order to make the medical clinic appear legitimate. Joseph however, was the real owner of the clinic and managed the clinic. According to investigators, Joseph billed more than $158,000 to several insurance companies that they currently know of.  During the investigation, investigators found that from 2011 to 2014 there was more than $1.7 million in credits and $1.2 million was withdrawn from bank accounts in cash.

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