Third DCA at Odds With Another Court After OKing Red-Light Cameras

August 2, 2016

The Third District Court of Appeal ruled in favor of red-light camera programs, setting up a disagreement between appellate courts and likely meaning the issue will go to the Florida Supreme Court.

Red-light cameras run by municipalities have long come under fire from critics. Opponents decry the fact that traffic tickets can be given out by someone other than a police officer, especially a private company. That’s exactly what the Fourth DCA said in 2014, ruling that red-light cameras are an unlawful delegation of police power to the third parties issuing the tickets.

The Third DCA said the most recent case was a bit different though. Judges Thomas Logue, Kevin Emas and Linda Ann Wells ruled that it was legal for municipalities to hire private companies to review traffic images and decide which ones to forward to police officers. However, the Third DCA judges said a sworn police officer is required to review the evidence for a final decision and not just rubber-stamp the third-party recommendations.

The Third DCA case arose from a suit challenging red-light cameras in Aventura, while the Fourth DCA case concerned a similar program in Hollywood. Logue and Emas designated the case as one of great importance for the Florida Supreme Court to consider, while Wells asked to certify a conflict with the Fourth DCA.

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