DRI Webinars – Evidence: The Building Blocks To A Successful Jury Trial with Roig Partner Ricardo Luces

April 3, 2020

FDLA & DRI present EVIDENCE: The Building Blocks To A Successful Jury Trial

Speaker: Ricardo M. Luces

Course Description: This course seeks to provide insight into the impact of evidence on the success of the defense at a jury trial. It will provide information on the different types of evidence, the method by which to obtain that evidence and the admissibility of that evidence at trial.

Who Should Attend: This program is designed for insurance industry professionals that are involved in the claims litigation management process including CLO’s, In-house Counsel, Staff attorneys, mid-level claims professional and claims adjusters.

What You Will Learn:

  • The role of evidence in a BI/UM trial for attorneys. 
  • Various types of evidence and the methods in which they can be obtained. 
  • Necessary information for claims representatives and investigators regarding the admissibility of the evidence they collect during the claims process.

This live webinar combines clear, reliable, high-quality audio and video displayed via the Internet. The webinar is best viewed on a personal computer or laptop. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer! 

Registration Fees: One price per site, not per individual.
$50 Member $100 Non-Member


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