Roig Lawyers 2019 Summer Law Clerk Program

March 29, 2019

Roig Lawyers is proud to welcome our 2019 Summer Law Clerks.

Roig attorneys will mentor seven exceptional law school students for ten weeks, giving them valuable, real-world experience and a taste of the firm’s unique culture. They will attend client conferences, depositions, motion hearings, mediations and arbitrations, and networking events.

This year’s participants:

  • Ben Hamilton, Law Clerk, Orlando
  • Cody Karras, Law Clerk, Tampa
  • Brenna McGee, Law Clerk, Deerfield Beach
  • Zander Retamar, Law Clerk, Deerfield Beach
  • Andre Revaz, Law Clerk, Orlando
  • Ariana Saadipour, Law Clerk, Miami
  • Brandon Thomas, Law Clerk, Miami