Broward County Debates Rules for Ride-Sharing Companies

September 23, 2015

On September 17, 2015, Broward County commissioners debated on the proposed ordinance to clear a path for Transportation Network Companies (TNC) such as Uber Technologies Inc. However, ride-sharing services and supports will have to wait for the Commission’s vote on October 13, according to a Law360 article.

The Commissioners debated over complex set of rules ranging from insurance to vehicle inspection standards to monitoring airport trips for TNC’s. On September 11, 2015, Attorney Mark J. Stempler of Becker & Poliakoff sent a letter to county leaders warning that the proposed amendments would result in significant conflicts with state insurance requirements on for-hire vehicles. Stempler represents Yellow Cab of Broward and international transportation provider Go Airport Shuttle. Stempler criticized the counties’ proposals to allow a six-month moratorium on state laws for TNC applications and to leave monitoring of TNC drivers’ insurance coverage in the companies’ hands.

“At a minimum, Broward’s proposed ordinance amendments places safety and welfare of the public at increased risk,” he said.

During the Commission meeting, the commissioners rejected a proposal to all TNCs to have only a regional agent and not a physical office in South Florida and requiring that all TNCs must enter a service agreement with Fort Lauderdale International Airport and Port Everglades.

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