Burning Vehicle Demonstration is a Lesson in Auto Insurance Fraud

May 22, 2014

It was auto insurance fraud in action.

Using burning vehicles as their teaching tool, Infinity Auto Insurance teamed up with the Miami-Dade Fire Department to show insurance adjusters and firefighters how they can detect fraud.

According to a Local 10-WPLG Miami News Broadcast, the fires were started with flares and were contained in a controlled environment. The blazing cars showed how the fire behaved and spread.

“We’ve decided to burn a couple of vehicles to teach the investigators how to detect this fraud,” said Carlos Torres of Infinity Auto Insurance. “The fraud in Florida is very high. Usually people have a financial motive or don’t like their car anymore, so they’ll set them on fire to make them a total loss,” he explained in the news piece.

Of the five top cities in the nation in auto insurance fraud, four of them are in Florida: Miami, Hialeah, Orlando and Tampa.