Miami Residents Arrested for Conducting $200K in Illegal Insurance Transactions

September 17, 2015

On September 4, 2015, two Miami residents Alina Del Prado, 60, and Karla Patricia Figueroa, 40, were arrested for deceptively using unsuspecting licensed insurance representatives’ licenses to defraud Florida consumers and illegally conducting more than $200,000 in insurance transactions while operating Quality Insurance Agency (Quality) in Hialeah, Florida.

The Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) and the Department’s Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services (A & A) began an investigation in the beginning of January 2014, which uncovered that Alina Del Prado allegedly submitted an insurance agency license application for Quality using a licensed agent’s name and license number unbeknownst to the agent. A & A conducted an inspection of the agency, which discovered that Del Prado was allegedly using the agent’s name and license number to fraudulently transact insurance business in numerous instances.

The investigation revealed that Del Prado hired Karla Figueroa, who allegedly illegally sold automobile insurance policies as an unlicensed customer representative. Figueroa also utilized an unsuspecting insurance representative’s name and license number to illegally obtain automobile insurance policies.

DIF investigators located the unsuspecting insurance agent and representative whose information was used and confirmed the unauthorized use of their information by Del Prado and Figueroa.

Alina Del Prado and Karla Patricia Figueroa were arrested with a combined bond in excess of $1 million. Del Prado faces over 300 felony charges including money laundering, identify theft, grand theft, transacting insurance without an insurance license, and scheme to defraud. Figueroa faces charges including identity fraud, transacting without an insurance license, and scheme to defraud charges.

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