MRI Machine Housed in Kendall Semi-Trailer Forced to Close

August 20, 2013

Virtual Imaging, a Miami-Dade County healthcare company that operates several outpatient medical diagnostic imaging facilities, was recently forced to close an MRI machine that had been operating from a parked semi-trailer.

Neighborhood complaints dating back to 2011 prompted the Miami-Dade County Building Department to investigate reports of imaging operations taking place 24/7. The trailer was parked next to a Virtual Imaging Center on SW 99th Avenue in Miami.

It took two visits for Building Department inspectors to realize that the property was not properly zoned. More importantly, electrical connections in violation of county codes were determined to represent a “hazard to life safety.”

Despite promises to correct violations quickly, Virtual Imaging delayed taking corrective action until Florida Power & Light threatened to cut off electricity to the trailer as well as the adjacent Virtual Imaging Center building.

Virtual Imaging president Juan Puig ultimately reached an agreement with the County. The company now has until October 15 to obtain necessary work permits. All work must be completed by January 13, 2014. Various fines and liens totaling over $10,000 have been paid as part of the settlement.

Virtual Imaging had attempted to purchase the home of the neighbor who complained about the MRI unit, but the two parties could not come to terms.

Blog readers may recall that Virtual Imaging was also the subject of a post earlier this month. In an article titled, “Medicare Fee Schedules Must Be Disclosed in PIP Policies,” we wrote about the case Geico General Insurance Company v. Virtual Imaging Services, in which the Florida Supreme Court ruled that insurance companies offering PIP policies must notify their policyholders if they plan to use Medicare-based fee schedules payment formulas.