Nominate for the ABA Blawg 100

August 7, 2013

The ABA is giving blog readers a chance to vote for their favorite law blog as part of the ABA Blawg 100 annual selection process.

Known as “Blawg Amici,” these friend-of-the-blawg briefs are short testimonials from blog fans. The ABA staff encourages reader feedback as they compile their annual list of the 100 best legal blogs.

If you are a faithful reader of, this is your chance to give us a vote of confidence!

Click on the link below to vote. Responses are due no later than this Friday, August 9th.

After providing some identifying information, you will be asked for our “blawg” URL, which is:

You will also be asked to identify a specific 2013 blog post you like by using the page-specific URL. For example, some of our most popular posts this year include:

92 Accused in Staged Accident Fraud Ring, $20 million in Fraudulent Claims

Fort Myers Chiropractor Arrested, Caught Paying Confidential Informant to Fake Injuries

Space is provided for comments describing why you like reading the

ACT NOW! The deadline is this Friday, August 9th. Click on the link to start:

We appreciate your support and readership.