Pinellas County Woman Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Services to Crash Victims

March 28, 2016

On March 18, 2016, Dana Nay, of Pinellas County, Florida was arrested after allegedly reaching out to car crash victims before the time permitted by law.

According to Florida Law, an attorney or medical practice are not allowed to solicit their services directly to a person in a motor vehicle accident within 60 days of a crash. Reports indicate that Nay had called the St. Petersburg Police Department claiming to work for a non-profit organization, Florida Accident Helpers, to gather names of recent car crash victims. The Florida Accident Helpers website claims to be a victim advocate service that is free to crash victims.

Investigators discovered that Nay was referring crash victims that she acquired from the police reports to a medical contractor who referred them to a medical group and attorneys. Nay was allegedly compensated for each referral.

The state reported that the majority of the people working for the records division where Nay requested the reports were suspicious but they felt compelled to fulfill her requests since she appeared to be representing a non-profit acting as a victim services program.

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