Law360 Ranks Roig Lawyers Second for Percentage of Minority Equity Partners

September 2, 2021

Law360 recently released its annual Diversity Snapshot, a legal industry report that provides insights into diversity statistics among law firms. This year’s report was especially anticipated given that many law firms in 2020 renewed their commitments to diversity and inclusion following a national reckoning with racial injustice.

While many firms have begun to implement new policies and practices that attempt to diversify law firm demographics, Law360’s report reflects that the industry’s efforts are moving at a slow pace, with some firms significantly outperforming others in advancing minority attorneys. To gauge this progress, Law360 took into account the minority headcounts of law firm professionals at varying levels of practice, including associates, nonequity partners, and equity partners.

Roig Lawyers tied for the second-highest representation of minority equity partnerships for firms with 100 attorneys or fewer with diverse attorneys representing 50% of its equity partnerships. This percentage was well above what Law360 found to be common among law firms as a whole, with many firms having less than 10% representation.

Roig Lawyers also scored well for other attorney tiers, with 41.7% minority representation among nonequity partners and 54.8% representation among associates.

You can read more about Law360’s Diversity Snapshot report, including its methodology, here.