Partner Jenna Hackman Successfully Mediates Case

March 1, 2016

Hill v. South Broward Hospital District

Jenna T. Hackman successfully argued at mediation that the Plaintiff could not prove liability in “slip and fall” case. The Plaintiff, a visitor to the hospital, claimed the ladies restroom floor was still wet after it was mopped and she slipped and fell while holding a one-year-old child. She had surgery on her back two years after the incident and incurred extensive medical bills. After subpoenaing the Plaintiff’s medical records from the VA hospital and other providers, we found that she had been deemed a candidate for knee surgery just before our incident because her knee kept giving way. We discovered the Plaintiff had a history of falls in the years leading up to our incident. We argued that the Plaintiff fell due to her unstable knee, not a wet floor. The attorney withdrew from the case a week after mediation. The case is pending dismissal due to inactivity on the case.