Roig Gives Back: Spotlight on Ricardo Luces in Uganda

February 12, 2024

In 2019, Ricardo Luces visited Uganda. During his time there, he assessed how he could give back and help the school program. Read more about his experience below:


Luces states: “I visited Uganda in 2019 to hike amongst the gorillas and while I was there, I had the opportunity to visit this elementary school (seen in the photos) in Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest. During my visit, I learned that these kids walk about 4km (2 miles roundtrip) through muddy dirt roads, often barefoot, to get to school and then back home again each day. I also learned that because of a lack of resources and poverty, they only had enough school desks and teachers for the kids to attend school up to the 6th grade. After that, they were on their own and likely to never attend school again.

When I learned of this, I got together with my friend, and we decided that we would donate enough school desks and funds so that this school could add a 7th grade for the kids to stay in school for an additional year. (those are the desks you see in the photos) I wish I could have donated enough for them to go to school through 12th grade.

I spent the day with the kids and teachers. They sang and danced and made me feel so welcomed. All the while, wondering how can children with so very little sing and dance with such joy? When I noticed so many young children barefoot and with scars and callouses on their feet, I decided that I would buy shoes for all of the kids in the school. I was driven to the only ATM machine in the village, and I provided them with the funds they needed to put shoes on every child’s feet. A month later, while back in Miami, I received a photo from the school which showed all the children with their new shoes and huge smiles.

I have been blessed by God with the opportunity to travel the world. I have seen beautiful places, stayed in luxurious resorts and enjoyed a lot of amazing experiences. However, I can honestly say that the day I spent with these kids was by far the most humbling and rewarding experience of all my travels.”