ROIG Lawyers Attorneys Present CE to Liberty Mutual

April 26, 2016

Roig Lawyers partner, Stephen G. Mellor, and attorney, Keith Hernandez presented a continuing education course titled “Out-of-State Policy Claims Handling and Defense Strategies.” 

This course seeks to provide attendees with an overview of the No-Fault statutes in other jurisdictions besides Florida, and how these laws along with applicable Florida laws are interpreted in order to determine the appropriate No-Fault coverage for a claimant bringing a No-Fault claim in Florida. The attendees will also learn the different investigative claims handling skills that are required to properly determine whether additional Florida No-Fault coverage can be extended to the claimant above what the subject policy of insurance allows and/or what the foreign jurisdictions applicable No-Fault statutes would allow. Finally, the course will review the different nuisances found in the No-Fault statutes in other jurisdictions and how they are similar or different to the Florida No-Fault.

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Event Location:

Liberty Mutual Insurance
1700 NW 49th Street
Building # Atlantic Room Room #100
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33309