Attorney Fee Expert Services

Attorney fee judgments have gotten out of hand. More and more often, attorney fee demands are increasing, making it nearly impossible to resolve the fee claim.

Our Attorney Fee Expert, Andrew D. McNamee, provides cost-effective expert assistance to law firms and their clients in connection with attorney fee disputes, fee motions, and litigation with attorney fees as a component of damages.

Andrew is uniquely qualified among legal fee experts in that he has over a decade of experience as both a litigator and legal fee auditor. He has reviewed millions of law firm billing entries totaling in excess of $100,000,000.00.

Most recently, he earned a certification from the National Association of Legal Fee Analysis (NALFA) in reasonable attorneys’ fees and proper legal billing practices. NALFA’s mission is to ensure quality and reliability across the legal fee analysis profession and observe proven methodologies and adhere to the proper standard of reasonableness when reviewing outside attorney fees and expenses.

Andrew provides insight into proper billing practices on a daily basis to ensure compliance with reasonable billing standards. His experience allows him to efficiently review each time entry and referenced documents as needed to provide an objective opinion as to the reasonableness of fees sought.

Andrew prepares detailed, precise and transparent documented analyses to assist the court in resolving fee issues. He surveys the facts, applies legal and ethical standards to every time entry and understands how to construct a useful report as well as the importance of preparation for testimony.

Attorneys seeking expert opinion testimony and consulting clients can contact Andrew directly at 954-354-1534 or email him at