Roig Lawyers is a leader in efforts to transform the way law firms manage client workflows and information. Our automated systems help clients save resources, plan ahead, analyze trends, build compelling cases, and more.

We’re not just familiar with technology; we build it. Among the many technologies we developed are a proprietary case matter opening system and a fully automated e-filing and e-service process. Our automation covers the plethora of insurance defense issues, from bodily injury tohomeowner’s, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, premises liability, (PIP)/no-fault and uninsured motorist, fraud investigations, coverage disputes, and more—much, much more. We’ve probably worked on nearly every known type of insurance claim in Florida.

We’ve also automated all incoming electronic pleadings so they can be immediately moved into our case management system without human interaction, which savestime and eliminateserrors. This strategy provides clients with more efficient and cost-effective legal work, shorter case lifespans, and higher client satisfaction.

Our automation tools don’t stop at intake. We’ve collected and stored massive amounts of public records and claims information aboutall types of insurance defense matters in our proprietary database for years. We can find, sort, and analyze critical, disparate data from many sources with just a few keystrokes. This automated database provides valuable insight for cases and proactive counseling.

For example, this technology quickly compares incoming windshield claims to stored data points. We can see trends in replacement costs, damage locations, and the number of similar lawsuits in the pipeline, among other relevant data. Thanks to our innovations inautomation, we can detect fraud and over-charging early, assess viable defense strategies, and receive alerts when facts don’t square up withallegations. Moreover, we can efficiently home in on patterns, spot red flags, and give our clients actionable information that others might miss.

Our continuing focus on process improvement through automation and database technology is part of why we maintain longstanding client relationships. Our clientsdepend on our technology to learn of upcoming cases—even before they’ve been served—or predict whether concentrations of fraudulent claims are temporary or continuing. These and other benefits of our tactics add value to internal workflow and provide meaningful information for short- and long-term planning.