Three MSJ Wins in One Week for Roig Lawyers

December 11, 2023

Roig Lawyers had three wins this week from their brilliant Partners and Attorneys: Kristen White, Kathryn A. Desire and Katrina Sacayanan!

Kristen White obtained taxable costs on a file that was dismissed on the eve of an MSJ.

Kathryn A. Desire won a difficult MSJ filed by each party as to whether the insurer owed any payment to an assignee under the policy when the applicable assignment was received in the midst of appraisal, and the subsequent appraisal award exhausted policy limits and did not include the assignee as an additional payee. The Court disagreed with Plaintiff’s position and granted our Motion for Summary Judgment.

Katrina Sacayanan’s judge granted Defendant’s Motion for Final Summary Judgment because Plaintiff was not able to prove their burden that a loss occurred and that there was a peril created opening that would have afforded coverage under the insurance policy.

You can contact them at:

Kristen White

Kathryn A. Desire

Katrina Sacayanan