Product Liability

Product liability lawsuits pose intricate challenges capable of disrupting operations and tarnishing reputations if not handled with skill and expertise. This is where we excel—providing strategic, forward-thinking, tactical counsel and efficient management of complex product liability litigation. Roig Lawyers offers a product liability defense practice that provides experienced, dependable, and comprehensive legal counsel to manufacturers, corporations, and businesses in a wide range of industries.

What We Do

Our approach is grounded in exhaustive research, meticulous preparation, and a steadfast commitment to achieving the most favorable outcomes for our clients. We place a premium on early case assessment, cost-effective strategies, and frequent communication to safeguard client interests.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling cases in multi-district litigation (MDL) settings, giving our clients a strategic advantage in consolidated federal dockets. In addition, we prioritize early resolution through mediation—a favored venue for cost minimization.

With a diverse client portfolio and wealth of experience, our team is proficient in navigating the intricacies of all product liability cases. Over the past two decades, our attorneys have advised clients in nearly every industry, representing a broad spectrum of companies frequently targeted by these lawsuits, from major manufacturers to tech startups and online retailers.

What You Can Expect from Us

Understanding our clients’ priorities is of paramount importance in our approach to every matter.

We diligently work to identify potential exposure, limit liability, and minimize the costs associated with product liability claims. Our emphasis on early identification of experts plays a pivotal role in constructing robust defense strategies. Clients frequently commend this approach and appreciate our style, which is devoid of pretension and more relatable than many law firms that practice product liability defense.

The Difference

Our distinctive thinking sets us apart. We approach each case creatively and adaptively, ensuring consistent and effective handling. Our ability to provide candid and practical advice ensures that clients remain well-informed throughout the litigation process. Clients value this authentic and straightforward approach.

Our practice spans federal and state jurisdictions, ensuring we can effectively address product liability cases at both levels. However, our highly successful track record supports our strategy to transfer cases to federal court for corporate defendants whenever feasible.

Overall, we possess a commitment to excellence that makes a difference. We always seek ways to customize client engagements and provide topnotch responsiveness and service. We bring deep experience, common sense savvy, and tactical know-how to product liability defense.