Roig Win for the Appellate Team

October 6, 2023

Jeffrey Geldens and the Roig Appeals team, Abbi Freifeld Carr and Veresa Jones Adams, conquered an appellate win!

On October 5, 2023, the Fourth District Court of Appeal agreed with Roig’s appellate lawyers’ arguments and affirmed a judgment in favor of firm client Citizens Insurance. The appellant sought coverage for a Hurricane Irma loss, years later. Citizens argued that the claim was too late, and indeed, there was evidence of repairs and other conditions affecting the roof in the meantime. The jury agreed with Citizens, but appellant claimed that photos used in the trial were not properly authenticated. Appellant claimed the jury verdict was tainted as a result, and appealed.

They successfully argued that the photos were admissible, there was no harm from them (both sides actually referenced them), and that the verdict should stand. The appeals court issued an affirmance, but did not write an opinion; the result is that the verdict stands and their client prevails.

As noted at the bottom of the page in the document, the opinion is not final until the period for rehearing passes, after which mandate will issue to the lower court to enforce the judgment.