Roig Lawyers’ corporate attorneys and paralegals provide responsive and strategic solutions for companies of all sizes, from local and regional small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Our focus on litigation avoidance sets our team apart from many other corporate law practices. With decades of experience in litigating or defending commercial contracts and acting as outside general counsel to businesses throughout Florida, we take a hybrid approach to delivering corporate legal services. We know what holds up against scrutiny and challenges in the boardroom and courtroom and draw on that combined experience to structure client contracts, agreements, and other corporate documents. We recognize and avoid the weak, boilerplate clauses and terms that are known to create problems in the future.

What We Do

Our corporate practice attorneys offer executive-level counsel in reviewing, drafting, and advising about contracts and agreements; handling employer-employee conflicts and defending employers in Fair Labor Standards Act and Americans with Disabilities Act cases; conducting internal investigations where fraud or other infractions are suspected; and litigating or arbitrating corporate disputes.

We draft or review commercial landlord and tenant leases and structure agreements related to shareholders, operations, vendors, independent contractors, non-competes, and more. Because we have litigated dozens of ambiguities in corporate transactions, in both state and federal courts, and have seen hundreds of documents that lawyers prepared without considering what could go wrong, our counsel is always directed toward strategies that avoid litigation, save clients’ resources, and eliminate the headaches that typically accompany conflict resolution. Our specific background and knowledge base give us all we need to know about what can go wrong and how to prepare robust, solid, foundational documents for our corporate clients.

We also act as outside counsel to companies on an ongoing or project basis to address day-to-day and one-off matters and give our clients intelligent, steady, and accessible advice. Every client we serve gets personalized attention because we believe that establishing solid relationships is essential to success, and we work hard to achieve that.

What You Can Expect from Us

Our Corporate Group handles many issues that touch companies and their executives daily. We are full-service attorneys who provide clients a level of comfort that we know what we’re doing and that they are in the best hands possible. As we prepare contracts for clients, we are often in the position to offer alternate solutions for resolving issues that sometimes arise, and clients tell us they appreciate knowing they can move forward and enter into agreements with contractors, vendors, employees, and other parties with peace of mind.

We don’t wait for current clients to call us when something happens. Instead, our team takes a proactive approach to managing client interests and needs by maintaining frequent communications. While a primary lawyer does the heavy lifting on a client file, we also use our paralegals and support staff to keep costs in check.

Clients especially value our fast turnaround on documents and the fact that we’re readily available anytime. If a client emails questions to us at 10 p.m., they know they will get a response first thing in the morning or an acknowledgment that we received the message and need additional time to provide the answers.