Coverage Disputes

Our data — and experience — tells us that insurers are more likely than not to be sued by an insured if coverage is denied. That’s where being a proactive insurer can pay off. Roig Lawyers’ coverage dispute team helps insurers tackle the routine and extraordinary challenges of such disputes proactively. From policy analysis and coverage interpretation to declaratory judgments, fraud investigations, depositions, and trials, our services and professionals give insurers a resounding advantage in claim denial disputes.

Coordinated, Comprehensive Counsel

Our attorneys take a coordinated approach to coverage disputes that is designed to minimize litigation and use cost-saving strategies effectively to help limit defense costs, reduce discovery, and gain tactical advantages.

Our attorneys are seasoned professionals with domestic and international legal experience who thoroughly understand the business of insurance. The firm’s extensive network of experts in many fields ensures that we create the best comprehensive legal strategy for our clients.

Claims Adjustment Counsel

As your outside counsel, we write coverage opinions as part of the claim adjustment process. These opinions evaluate claims against policy coverage grants, endorsements, exclusions, and limitations. Based on these opinions, we recommend whether a claim is covered. We offer your organization the efficiencies that come with knowledgeable, highly trained legal professionals.

While our coverage dispute team is prepared to handle all types of opinions, in many cases, it can be far more cost-effective to know in advance how a court might respond.

Declaratory Judgments

Filing a declaratory judgment before the insured has a chance to sue is a powerful, proactive tool to determine whether there is coverage.

There are many scenarios where it’s unclear whether the person or event is a covered loss. We start with a pre-screen investigation similar to an examination under oath, where we gather, review, and analyze the facts to make a determination about coverage and present that to our client. If that determination is less than decisive, we will recommend filing a declaratory action, which is a lawsuit on behalf of the insurance company against the insured, to let a judge determine whether or not a particular claim is covered.

A declaratory judgment is a binding decision from a court that defines the legal relationship between parties and outlines the rights and obligations of each party in the contract. With this determination, our lawyers can advise insurers about the most appropriate strategy for quickly concluding the matter.

Fraud Investigations

There is no shortage of staged accidents and other fraudulent insurance claims today — fraud has increased in complexity within the industry. The firm’s multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary practice helps clients prevent and respond to fraud. Roig Lawyers leads in identifying, investigating, and resolving suspicious claims.

For all types of policies and products in coverage disputes, we employ the same level of investigatory personnel and skills that we use for other services. With our resources, talent, reach, and extensive collection of historical data, we provide full “coverage” for insurers to stop fraudulent claims and resolve disputes.


Roig Lawyers represents local, regional, and nationally known insurance companies, common carriers, and multi-national corporations in all types of litigation. Our attorneys deliver unparalleled advice, technical insights, and in-depth knowledge in a wide range of disciplines that help our clients achieve their objectives seamlessly. We are inherently focused on each client’s specific goals and bottom line. We save our clients time and resources by providing reliable advice and strategic solutions based on historical perspective, experience, and ingenuity.

We serve as trial counsel to insurance companies in various complex coverage cases involving numerous insurance policies and products, including general liability, first-party property, financial insurance, employment practices liability, intellectual property, premises liability, personal injury, and general commercial litigation.