Roig Lawyers’ Litigation team offers valuable advantages in resolving contentious matters between businesses or between a company and an individual. Among those advantages are decades of litigation, trial, arbitration, and appellate experience; a firm understanding of commercial and business enterprise and governing laws; and considerable research, writing, and oral advocacy skills.

Practice Scope and Reputation

Our team is structured to give clients optimal results and service at a reasonable cost.

The scope of our work extends from breach of contract, collections, and product liability to defending lawsuits against companies cited for website noncompliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We handle matters in premises liability, fraud, financial disputes, trademark infringement, intellectual property disputes, business torts, partnership disputes, real estate and construction litigation, and antitrust and competition law.

Our clients range from multi-national and Fortune 500 companies to regional and mid-market entities, closely held companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. We represent insurers, retailers, energy companies, and hospitality businesses, among individuals and other commercial enterprises of any industry or type.

Our Litigation practice team has an outstanding reputation throughout Florida, recognized for its credibility, robust client advocacy, and results. As a result, national and international law firms frequently engage us to act on their matters as local counsel in Florida. Notably, the head of our Litigation practice, Nelson Bellido, has been practicing for nearly 30 years and is also a 12-year veteran member of the Florida Legal Ethics Commission, a committee of the Florida Bar that is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the rules of professional conduct for lawyers in the state to protect the public and the administration of justice.

Strategy and Methods

Although we can resolve many commercial disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, or a judge’s ruling in a bench trial, there are times when a jury trial is necessary. In all cases, we are highly qualified to negotiate, arbitrate, or prepare for and proceed to trial.

Our early focus is always on identifying the right strategy for the matter at hand. Whether we represent the plaintiff or defendant, we start every case by gathering as much evidence as possible and conducting deep discovery to determine precisely what we need to prove or defend. We will always outwork our opponents and execute on our strategy to bring a case to our client’s desired outcome.

For example, at trial, we will use jury instructions as a valuable tool to help us determine the best way to prosecute the opponent or defend our client. This tactic provides insight into the legal elements of the case, the judge’s perspective, and the type of evidence and arguments that may be persuasive to the jury.

Collaborative Approach

We get more done for less, thanks to Roig Lawyers’ enhanced team culture, which our founder established on day one. Since its founding, the firm has been composed of a truly diverse group of professionals, fostering a cooperative environment and providing a multi-faceted approach to resolving disputes.

Both attorneys and staff bring a significant variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to the firm and practice, which allows us to consider client matters from all angles and staff our cases appropriately. Overall, collaboration—an essential aspect of our legal practice—enables us to provide better representation for clients, manage risk, and maintain a positive and productive work environment.

With offices throughout Florida, we can cover cases seamlessly from Pensacola to Key West. If it is more economical for a partner in Miami to attend a deposition or hearing than to travel from Tampa, we can do that because, as a Litigation team, we keep each other in the loop on all cases. Brainstorming a challenge, getting a different perspective, or talking through a case strategy with others adds an important dimension to our representations and results.

Client Relationships

Trust and communication are essential for success. Roig Lawyers boasts many long-standing client relationships because we take client satisfaction seriously. Frequent, purposeful communication to keep clients abreast of case developments is essential to building trust, as is our authenticity and commitment to conserving client resources while providing the best representation possible.

Clients appreciate our proactive counsel, along with our economy of approach, collaboration, diversity, and experience, through which we anticipate and address problems or opportunities by taking steps to shape events rather than simply respond to them. We balance the use of lawyers and paralegals to right-size staffing and always look for a quick resolution to cases.

Above all, clients appreciate our promise that we won’t push for an expensive jury trial if a more expeditious and satisfactory path is available.