Fraud (SIU) Investigations

Roig Lawyers’ Insurance Fraud Investigations practice is organized to support insurers at every stage of a claim where insurance fraud is suspected, from identification through prosecution, resolution, and appeal, if necessary. Armed with decades of first-hand experience, proprietary analytics software, and the skills and resources our clients need to be successful, we lay the groundwork for recovery and prevention by helping insurers sort and identify patterns of fraudulent behavior and establish forward-looking strategies to prevent future occurrences.

Every Client, Every Case

Insurance fraud has many facets, and so does our approach. We work closely with in-house special investigation units and others to define what’s important to them, recognizing that “what’s important” can change depending on the type or extent of the fraud — or by any other measure. Therefore, we remain flexible and receptive to doing things differently to achieve optimal results for every client and every case. Our approach is not “one size fits all.”

As a minority-owned firm, we are a diverse team capable of original thinking to resolve knotty matters. Our group is open to differing opinions and ideas, and eager to involve clients in the process, when requested. Clients appreciate that we are unafraid to adjust to their evolving expectations and constantly fine-tune our systems and strategies to achieve their desired outcomes, even at affordable rates.

At the end of the day, our job is to recover for unlawful claims, but first we have to uncover the unlawful behavior. Our resources and skillsets become powerful tools in that process. 

Resources and Capabilities

Roig Lawyers’ Insurance Fraud Investigations team has the staff and skillsets needed to handle thousands of cases, claims, and appeals. Using unique investigatory methods, we analyze data in ways that reveal unlawful behavior that might otherwise go undetected. In a nutshell, our team knows how to use the information that insurance companies collect in a variety of ways.

We also work closely with local and national law enforcement and with specialized experts in theft, fire, and medical fraud investigation. For example, our team includes a 20-year former State Farm lead investigator who uses his insurance-side expertise to liaise with client special investigations units and guide them through whatever is needed, such as gathering statements and other pertinent details. From there, our attorneys take the information and apply it to the law, ultimately providing recommendations to identify causes of action and legal strategies.

Adding our resources and capabilities to your in-house team can make a significant difference in recovering losses, whether through settlement agreement, dismissal of claims, payment, or money back.

Full Coverage

Roig Lawyers provides exceptional coverage for its clients. We routinely defend insurers and first- and third-party claims, and represent insurers as plaintiffs in affirmative litigation or trials in Florida state and federal courts or via alternative dispute resolution.

We’ve handled thousands of Examinations Under Oath in fire, homeowners, auto, workers’ compensation, health, and life insurance claims. We take a very aggressive stance against all fraudulent claimants. We have successfully defended against fraudulent theft and arson lawsuits, as well as wrongful bad faith claims. However, we believe that proactive good faith file-handling prevents bad faith claims, and we can help with that, too.

We prosecute civil suits against the perpetrators of fraud or defend our clients against fraudulent claims.

The group also works closely with Roig’s appellate team to identify and analyze issues likely to arise on appeal. Together, our lawyers develop strategies for preserving cases and generating trial court records to support a client’s position in the event of an appeal.

Above and Beyond

We believe that serving our clients should go beyond the immediate case files, so we provide first-party SIU/fraud training to in-house SIU departments and have certified Continuing Education instructors on board.

Our attorneys also give back to the industry by speaking about topics of bad faith and first-party fraud claims at conferences, including those hosted by the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) and Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC).