Windshield/Auto Glass Litigation

Roig Lawyers offers exceptional support for insurers in both routine and controversial windshield auto glass claims and disputes. We understand the needs of corporate counsel, claims managers, loss prevention managers, and corporate risk specialists — and the requirements and expectations they may have. With offices throughout Florida, our lawyers and support professionals can handle hundreds, even thousands of windshield glass cases simultaneously while giving our clients best-in-class service and results.

Fighting Fraudulent Windshield Auto Glass Claims

Our dedicated team at Roig Lawyers has been representing insurers in cases of windshield auto glass fraud and dishonest invoicing in Florida since 2012. As these cases increase in numbers — sometimes more than 1,000 per week — our comprehensive understanding of windshield claims and our ability to handle them efficiently has also increased exponentially.

With exceptional experience in this area, the Roig team is adept at examining insurance policy language, uncovering evidence, and spotting trends to build accurate and complete claims analyses that give insurers an edge when fraud is suspected. We keep an open mind in attacking these cases and never assume an insured’s policy demands payment.

Using Proprietary Technology

The Roig team employs a “special investigation unit” approach to out-of-the-ordinary or suspicious claims. We use proprietary technology tools and progressive techniques to home in on patterns and spot red flags that others might miss.

We have collected and stored massive amounts of public records and claims information about all types of insurance defense matters in our proprietary database for years, so we can efficiently compare incoming windshield claims to stored data points and see, for example, trends in replacement costs, damage locations, and the number of similar lawsuits in the pipeline, among other pertinent information. This knowledge enables us to detect fraud or over-charging at an early stage and helps us assess viable strategies and evidence to defend clients’ positions effectively.

Working in Coordination and Collaboration

Our team’s work over the years has involved many glass replacement vendors in Florida. These contacts feed us practical insight as to customary costs and provide other information, such as where claims are originated. We also know first-hand how bad actors work. With this background in the windshield replacement industry, along with our proprietary technology, we can quickly determine claim legitimacy and sort out those in question.

Along with Roig Lawyers’ team of SIU fraud attorneys, the firm’s extensive network of experts in many fields ensures that we create the best comprehensive legal strategy for cases. We also work closely with local and federal law enforcement to provide defense options for suspected fraud. This coordinated and collaborative approach has proven highly effective in resolving auto glass cases as quickly as possible and with the most-desired outcomes.

Adding Value

As an added value, our team provides complimentary continuing education training for clients, covering topics such as types of insurance coverage for windshield claims, challenges to existing laws, and strategies for litigating lawsuits involving fraud, appraisal, and policy language. Our database technology also supports our ability to notify clients of upcoming cases before they’ve been served and predict whether concentrations of fraudulent claims are temporary or continuing. These and other tactics add value to client matters, allow for long-term planning, and are why we have so many longstanding client relationships.