First Party Property

Roig Lawyers represents and defends international, national, and regional insurance companies in property damage claims under commercial and homeowner policies. Our experience, bench strength, and proven ability to manage and resolve high volumes of first-party claims is highly valued by clients.

From dispositive motions, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation to skillful interpretation of sophisticated policy issues, coverage questions, and insurer advisory needs, our attorneys consistently provide exceptional counsel, attentive service, and cost-effective case management to insurers. 

Our Work

In first-party property, we handle claims pertaining to windstorms, hurricanes, floods, fire/arson, theft/vandalism, and sinkholes, as well as mold, fungi, and other environmental challenges. Our experience in defending water and mold mitigation actions follows Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) guidelines, giving us the ability to spot overbilling of these claims. Moreover, we also advise on managed repair programs (MRPs) and related claims, case law, and policy language.

Our team advises on examinations under oath (EUOs), which helps our clients gather information for coverage decisions. We assist insurers with special investigative unit (SIU) training and conduct comprehensive investigations to uncover suspicious or fraudulent activities, fraudulent or exaggerated lawsuits, long-standing or pre-existing damages, and material misrepresentation in policy applications. We also advise on claims involving business losses, such as interruption, lost rent, intentional acts, and property damage issues under builder’s risk policies.

The Difference

Clients say we’re different: We’re approachable; we’re strategic. We don’t follow the same model as other insurance defense practices. Rather, we take a fresh approach to case management and problem-solving.

Unlike a lot of defense firms that will blindly litigate a case regardless of the facts, mainly because they think it’s expected, we evaluate every claim from different angles before moving forward with a strategy and plan. We take the facts of each case and measure them against potential outcomes and options, considering current laws, trends, how judges are ruling, and where statutes have changed. We look at the good, bad, and ugly — and give our clients an honest assessment, tailored strategy, and individualized plan for how to approach each first-party property case in their portfolio.

Thanks to our discrete technology and infrastructure, we can support thousands of insurance cases at any given time, both complex and routine, without short-changing preparations or falling behind on status updates. Our proprietary analytic software gives us the ability to capture, sort, and analyze data to root out potential insurance fraud, uncover critical background information, evaluate success rates, and more. Our dedicated investigators have years of experience, including the current need to uncover social media and other online activity, and provide attorneys with a treasure trove of material and additional information to construct effective case strategies and defenses.

Your Bottom Line

Regardless of the client or matter, our attorneys are naturally responsive and detailed-oriented. They work diligently with clients at every turn to analyze and close claims quickly, while safeguarding the client’s rights and protecting their bottom line.

Clients appreciate our deep bench of more than 14 experienced lawyers who are dedicated to first- party property matters and organized to move their matters along efficiently and smoothly, saving time and money. Our team also has access to dozens of other Roig attorneys whom we can depend on for adjunct experience and knowledge, particularly in complex appellate matters. Even though we are busy, even though we have a lot of cases, we have designed our department to provide clients the very best legal strategy, representation, client service, and cost-savings possible.

Our First-Party Property Team is always looking to add value to our engagements and client relationships. Several team members are certified continuing education instructors and offer accredited training programs for claims adjusters and others about topics such as corporate representatives, assignment of benefit issues, and more. With our vast experience and finely-honed communication skills, we can develop programs about any topics upon request.