Workers’ Compensation

Our Workers’ Compensation practice group has extensive experience assisting employers in a full range of services related to Workers’ Compensation law.

Our practice philosophy is an overall experience. Our team of Workers’ Compensation attorneys vigorously defends our clients against fraud and questionable claims in litigation defense.

Our attorneys represent employers and professional employer organizations in a variety of industries including; manufacturing, healthcare, construction, municipalities, retail, large grocery chains, restaurant, hotel and hospitality businesses. With more than 100 attorneys in 6 offices across the State of Florida, our attorneys offer combined experience and extensive knowledge in Workers’ Compensation Law that helps our clients navigate through employment related laws and regulations. We provide our clients counseling, risk management programs and consulting services.

We focus on the prevention of heavily litigious claims by addressing suit prevention and pre-suit methods. This often includes:

  • Education of employees through risk management seminars
  • Assisting in the use of informative employment paperwork at hire
  • Heavily monitoring injury reports early in the claim.

Our Workers’ Compensation Practice Group is prepared to handle claims relating to; Appeals, Catastrophic Injury and Death matters, Exposure cases, Environmental issues, Occupational Disease and Exposure, Coverage issues and Subrogation claims. We are dedicated to providing clients with forthright advice and strategic decision-making focused on minimizing exposure, curtailing any hindrances and eliminating unnecessary costs.

The knowledge of employers and their representatives are essential in this success and ideally aids in the swift return to work of an employee. This is the first defense to limiting a company’s exposure in a workers compensation claim. The Roig Lawyers Workers Compensation team is very experienced in providing informative seminars and materials related to minimizing exposure. Next, if a claim is ripe for alternative dispute resolution we very accurately assess exposure and work towards a favorable and reasonable end, either in mediation or other informal settlement structure.

However, many claims require heavy monitoring and must be voraciously defended. The firm is highly experienced in utilizing an aggressive litigation strategy and the attorneys have an excellent record in success with cases involving findings of fraud.