Premises Liability

Roig Lawyers has a fully staffed Premises Liability Defense practice to represent insurance carriers, large corporations, third-party administrators, and self-insured entities, such as hospitals, supermarkets, gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial and private properties, in the full range of liability claims.

We work with in-house attorneys, claims adjusters, landlords, governmental entities, municipalities, and small-business owners to provide the “best-of-breed” counsel for high-exposure, high-stakes claims involving personal injuries, alleged physical defects, or even wrongful death claims.

Why Roig Lawyers? 

As a minority-owned firm, our core strengths lie in our diversity, adaptability, and original thinking. Clients say we’re different: We’re approachable; we’re strategic. We offer a fresh approach to case research, claims management, and problem-solving, using various techniques, tools, and ways of thinking about cases that often lead to exceptional results.

We have developed a proven process for success, supported by proprietary technology, a deep bench of knowledgeable attorneys and expert investigators, and a Florida-wide presence. Examples of premises liability cases we have resolved include slip, trip, and falls; uneven walkways, sidewalks, and parking lots; dog bites; negligent or inadequate security; failure to warn of hazardous areas; elevator and escalator incidents; attractive nuisances; Simple Negligence; and wrongful death.

Clients appreciate that our team is receptive to differing opinions and ideas, and eager to involve them in the process. We are unafraid to adjust to evolving expectations and constantly fine-tune our systems and approaches to achieve desired results, even at affordable rates.

Early Case Evaluation

We know that cost-effective counsel and optimal results require careful, early vetting of each claim. Even though we handle hundreds at a time throughout Florida, for our team, looking at every angle to identify an appropriate defense strategy is never optional because “one size never fits all.” 

In premises cases where our analysis of the client’s liability looks unfavorable, and injuries and damages are somewhat reasonable, we often recommend attempting an early resolution to reduce exposure and incurred costs. 

Whether the early case evaluation leads to a decision to launch an aggressive claim defense, mediate, settle, or file for summary judgment when the facts don’t line up or fraud is suspected, we take pride in our ability to meet clients’ needs and goals.

Holding Ourselves Accountable

Our team prioritizes holding ourselves accountable to client expectations, whether in timely reporting, reaching an ideal resolution, meeting a timeline goal, or accomplishing a tailored objective. 

Our Premises Liability team gets clients’ praise for responsive and proactive communications. Keeping clients in the loop and advising on new information we’ve uncovered is one way we build cost efficiencies into our representation. Our clients know they can pick up the phone and speak business with their Roig attorney anytime or day.


When our premises liability insurance defense team thinks there’s a chance of a case going to trial, we collaborate with our appellate attorneys to position the case for appeal and devise a plan. This proactive stance builds in valuable efficiencies for our clients because we can move seamlessly from trial to appeal without involving a separate appellate firm, getting others up to speed, or spending unnecessary resources to backtrack.

Experienced premises liability investigators work hand-in-glove with our defense attorneys. We also have access to trusted engineers, medical doctors of all specialties, billing and coding experts, and others that we collaborate with regularly. We have nurtured and protected these relationships over time — they would be nearly impossible to replicate — so we know we can contact these experts with a question and will get a timely and accurate answer. That answer may not be the one we want to hear. Nonetheless, it comes from a reliable resource, and the speed at which we can get an answer definitely makes a difference in most cases.

Beyond The Claim

In addition to handling the defense of premises liability cases, we work proactively with clients on risk management and loss prevention to reduce future liability exposure. By implementing essential safety tools and features and creating a set of governing policies and procedures to ensure customer safety, ROIG Lawyers develops programs to fit our clients’ individual needs at their request.