Uninsured Motorist

Roig Lawyers’ Insurance Services practice has a dedicated team with decades of experience in handling uninsured and underinsured motorist claims on behalf of insurance carriers, both standard and non-standard. Our attorneys understand insurers’ priorities in this area of law, and we have built our practice to meet them.

Efficiencies and Fair Costs

All insurers and adjusters want efficiency and fair costs. The primary ingredients we offer to meet those priorities are a legal mastery of the laws that govern uninsured and underinsured motorists’ claims in Florida and effective procedures to make that knowledge work on their behalf.

Our protocols and proprietary technology increase client success and save our clients time and costs. We can do it all — and at reasonable fees. As a team, we work thousands of cases at a time, but each client receives the benefit of a lead attorney who has “seen it all,” knows a lot, and is always a phone call away. Our system lets us complete an initial case review and evaluation quickly to determine insurer exposure and begin planning a strategy. Our team is also positioned as backup for one another when unexpected conflicts in schedules arise.

Advanced Case Management

A hallmark of our practice is our commitment to provide continuous, clear, practical, and honest communications throughout each case. We ensure that adjusters have precisely what they need, and when needed, for efficient internal reporting and decision-making, without unnecessary prompting. Along with our advanced case management system, we use our proprietary database to dig up important background information and verifiable facts to craft effective defenses.

We are well-versed in medical protocols and treatments associated with auto injuries, and highly proficient at analyzing records and spotting inconsistencies. We can identify that an accident was the cause of injuries and whether the medical treatment received related to those injuries. Our arguments are substantive and hold up in debate in any situation.

Our investigations team has years and years of experience, including rooting out social media and other online activity. They typically provide our attorneys with a treasure trove of background material and additional information for constructing case strategies and defenses that lead to successful conclusions.

Our Work

When applicable, our attorneys petition for stays of arbitration and conduct hearings to dispute coverage and liability. Where coverage is required, we represent insurance carriers at arbitration conferences and hearings, determine entitlement issues and damages, and negotiate settlements when appropriate. Should an arbitration award be unfavorable or contrary to accepted law or fact, our team has the chops to challenge awards and court decisions, and obtain positive results for insurers.

We know the unique circumstance of uninsured/underinsured cases that end up in trial. While these cases’ legal theories and procedures are the same as any bodily injury case, a juror’s perspective generally is not. Juries often question why a multi-million-dollar insurer is arguing over, for example, a $10,000 award. It’s our job to convince the jury why the process is necessary and correct. And, as always, in every case, we prepare our strategy, and structure our arguments and work product, to avoid potential bad faith claims.