Attorneys in Roig Lawyers’ appellate practice bring many talents, skills, and perspectives to the cases they handle on appeal. Clients receive elite representation from experienced, responsive, practical, and collaborative appellate professionals who have cultivated an excellent reputation for effectiveness throughout Florida. With six offices in critical appellate districts, we can coordinate our resources seamlessly to meet clients’ appellate needs wherever and whenever they arise.

Why Roig Lawyers?

The mix of attorneys in our appellate practice provides significant benefits that are not always available at a traditional appellate law firm. For example, some of our appellate attorneys are focused exclusively on complex appeals in high-exposure litigation. Others maintain active trial practices along with their appellate work. They apply their wealth of knowledge and insight to both the rigors of trial and the nuances of the appellate forum, including the ability to position cases and preserve issues should an appeal evolve.

We know the best strategies for preparing and presenting appeals and building efficiencies into the process without sacrificing outcomes. Our multifaceted team allows us to tailor our level of representation to meet client objectives and preferences. For example, we acknowledge that some clients prefer to use different law firms for the underlying litigation and appeal. In those instances, our appellate attorneys can work through the entire file or focus on a specific issue to build an effective strategy and brief the appeal. Other clients benefit from having an attorney handle both the trial and appeal. In those cases, we also collaborate with our team members to reap the benefit of multiple perspectives and put fresh eyes on the issues at appeal.

Above all, we have earned a solid reputation in the Florida appeals court system for producing crisp, well-formed, and well-written briefs; strong oral arguments; effective motions, discovery appeals, and writs; and more. Clients also trust us to consult on appellate strategies during trial or to discern whether an appeal is worth the expense and if there is an alternate route. We are frequently consulted on venue issues, specifically whether a particular court might be a favorable or unfavorable jurisdiction or if conflicting cases exist.

Setting Precedent

Our litigation and trial experience give us valuable perspectives and insight into how we approach appeals. Having handled a wide variety of matters in nearly all of the Florida courts, our familiarity with judges, jurisdictions, attorneys, and other involved parties plays a significant role in our strategy and appellate success. Our ability to collaborate across jurisdictions also improves efficiencies and helps clients with decision-making.

For example, companies frequently involved in litigation understand the potential to set a bad precedent in an appeal. Unless an appeal goes to the Florida Supreme Court or Florida’s 11th Circuit, district court of appeal opinions guide circuit and county court decisions. One unfavorable ruling on an appeal will change the legal landscape as a case moves ahead, which can affect a client’s bottom line, including how insurers must then handle and adjust their claims across the board.

But our appellate team is dialed into each jurisdiction. We have first-hand experience with many judges, allowing us to steer clients away from conflicting cases or choosing to appeal when doing so might set a bad precedent. We excel at identifying the best jurisdiction for specific issues and creating strategies to avoid complexities.

Suppose a client is on the winning side, but the plaintiff files an appeal in an unfriendly court. In that case, we will walk the client through the possibilities and options, and will counsel about alternate pathways, including when to consider settlement to avoid creating an unfavorable precedent for their business operations.

Know, Like, and Trust

Beyond exceptional technical skills, experience, and excellent qualifications, what differentiates Roig Lawyers is the value we add to our client relationships. We’re approachable; we’re strategic. We want our clients to “know, like, and trust” us. We do that by offering direct, honest counsel and a collaborative environment that fosters diverse thinking and produces outstanding results. Our clients become our colleagues, and frequently our friends.

We are unafraid to adjust to evolving expectations and constantly fine-tune our systems and personnel to achieve desired results. In all regards, our objective is to make sure client objectives are met.

We take responsibility for helping clients navigate challenges and anticipate future obstacles seriously while seizing opportunities to resolve matters successfully and develop strong relationships. Because when our relationships are strong, we are strong, and when our clients are successful, we are successful.