Healthcare Fraud

Roig Lawyers healthcare fraud attorneys can assist with nearly every aspect of fraud and abuse. Our attorneys’ extensive experience in health law transactions and fraud and abuse compliance allows our attorneys to evaluate and structure transactions to minimize the risk of violating a plethora of state and federal fraud and abuse laws, including self-referral laws (Stark), anti-kickback laws and fee-splitting laws. 

Our attorneys have experience in fighting fraud perpetrated by doctors, physician practice groups, hospitals, clinics, ambulance services, pharmacies, medical device companies, and rehab centers.

We assist our clients in the development and implementation of compliance plans to minimize the risk of prohibited activity and conduct investigations and audits on behalf of our clients regarding potential fraud and abuse violations.  In the event of a violation, we assist clients in self-reporting and returning any overpayments to applicable payers, including the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

As state and federal governments increase regulation, expand enforcement efforts and intensify scrutiny of healthcare industry transactions and operations, healthcare entities need guidance from lawyers who know their industries, understand their legal requirements and can help them prevent, detect and resolve fraud and abuse issues.

Roig Lawyers’ offer proactive counsel, assisting clients with:

  • Assessing and structuring client business transactions to minimize the risk of violating state and federal fraud and abuse laws, including those with referral sources 
  • Handling government investigations and resolving potential fraud and abuse investigations and/or litigation 
  • Establishing, monitoring and enforcing effective corporate compliance programs  
  • Developing processes that will keep existing compliance policies current and effective 
  • Conducting thorough, discreet and efficient self-audits, gap analysis and internal investigations 
  • Implementing internal reporting and self-disclosure processes 
  • Negotiating corporate integrity agreements and providing compliance training 
  • Complying with EMTALA, licensure/certification, HIPAA, HITECH and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, among other laws 

We also keep clients current on the latest legal trends and the requirements and standards of the Office of Inspector General, Office of Civil Rights and other similar authorities.