Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is a prominent avenue for resolving commercial disputes, particularly in international commercial transactions. Roig Lawyers is at the forefront of representing clients in arbitration related to vendor, employment, shareholder, officer, and director contracts, and more. Our extensive experience in litigating all types of lawsuits, including at trial, translates perfectly to alternative dispute resolution.

What We Do

Arbitration has several discrete advantages, such as limited discovery, confidentiality, and a faster track than taking a dispute to federal or state court for trial. At Roig Lawyers, we are always looking for the opportunity to help clients conserve their resources by resolving matters efficiently, which is why we have a group dedicated to handling arbitration and mediation. 

Our bilingual attorneys—fluent in English and Spanish—are very active in Miami and surrounding areas, which are frequently the arbitration situs for companies doing business in or with Latin America. We know the arbiters and mediators who serve South Florida, many of whom are former judges whom we’ve appeared before for decades. We’ve established credibility and familiarity, which is undoubtedly an advantage for our clients.

How We Do It

Meeting deadlines is critical in the arbitration process. We are proactive in moving cases forward. We keep costs in check, using experienced paralegals to interact with the courts and the American Arbitration Association, as well as file documents, forward responses, obtain records for research, identify experts, and communicate with opposing counsel. Our teams engage with clients frequently to keep them apprised of case status and other vital communications. 

Thanks to our excellent, experienced researchers, and relationships with experts in accounting, engineering, private investigations, collections, and document management who are willing to jump on our matters with short notice in most instances, we can lay out a path to a quick resolution. We know that offering a plan to the opposing party to resolve issues efficiently can make a significant difference in time and costs. Moreover, we maintain a high-profile and notable reputation as formidable trial lawyers. We are willing and able to take matters to trial, which is a critical advantage when arbitration clauses are non-binding and the outcome of arbitration is unfavorable to our clients.