In personal injury protection (PIP) benefits claims under Florida’s no-fault auto insurance statute, Roig Lawyers provides end-to-end investigative, advisory and litigation support for insurers, handling individual files from initial review through resolution. We are skilled at analyzing and interpreting insurance policies and helping carriers use their policy provisions as effective weapons to defeat fraudulent or suspicious claims.

Suspicious Claims

Employing innovative techniques and advanced technology to uncover claim discrepancies or outright fraud, Roig Lawyers’ highly experienced No-Fault/PIP attorneys, paralegals and researchers handle some of the most significant cases throughout Florida.

With decades of experience and cutting-edge technology at our fingertips, we help clients anticipate PIP-related obstacles and navigate their challenges. Working alongside our Fraud (SIU) Investigations and Data Analytics attorneys, our No-Fault/PIP attorneys use examinations under oath and data mining to identify suspicious claims, prosecute offenders and defend insurers’ positions.

Legal Strategies

Our proprietary data analytics technology plays a vital role in all forms of insurance defense but is particularly helpful for revealing actionable information and viable legal strategies in PIP claims. We have earned an exceptional reputation for uncovering misrepresentation, irregular or excessive billing and other inconsistencies and inaccuracies stemming from medical treatments or providers. We are pioneers in using large declaratory judgment actions to combat fraud schemes involving multiple claims, fraudulent providers and staged automobile accident rings.

Also, we are highly effective in using intervention motions that protect insurance companies against collusive lawsuits. When cases go to trial, our No-Fault/PIP attorneys collaborate with the firm’s Appellate group to prepare for success on appeal, if required.

Data Analytics

As a firm, Roig Lawyers has collected and stored massive amounts of public records, claims information and other valuable data on all types of insurance defense matters, including medical professionals, service providers and others, in our proprietary database for years. Using our “crystal ball” technology to access and analyze that data, we can efficiently aggregate relevant information and compare it to the facts of a particular case we are working. What results is an uncanny ability to reveal red flags and detect inconsistencies, fraud, over-charging, trends and other suspicious behaviors at an early stage.

When our experienced analysts, SIU, and No-Fault/PIP attorneys deploy this technology, they cannot only detect issues but also use the information to develop pathways for prosecuting claims. Additionally, our data analytics technology lets us see cases in the pipeline before they are filed. With this critical information, we can notify clients and predict whether concentrations of fraudulent claims are temporary or continuing.

Valuable Benefits

The tactics described above are just some features and benefits clients receive when engaging Roig Lawyers’ No-Fault/PIP attorneys. We are proud that our counsel and assistance have created many longstanding client relationships, which have resulted in immeasurable efficiencies for their companies, including long-term planning. These valuable benefits happen because we take the time to get to know our clients, their operations, and their objectives, leaving nothing to chance while saving them time and costs.