Bodily Injury Defense

Roig Lawyers’ Bodily Injury defense team represents insurance companies and their insureds, both small and large corporations, self-insured’s, and property owners. Our team receives high marks from clients for its effective litigation, mediation, and trial strategies. We offer tenacious counsel and an exceptionally deep bench, which is capable of knowledgeably and seamlessly handling significant caseloads.

What sets Roig Lawyers apart from similar law firms is the experience our attorneys bring to client matters and the technology we employ to deliver notable efficiencies. Particularly in bodily injury defense matters, these resources provide many beneficial outcomes for our clients.

Experience and Efficiencies

Our lawyers are renowned in this area of law. From litigation, trial, and case analysis to client engagement and matter management, our team is uniquely prepared to meet each moment and every challenge with know-how and efficiency, thanks to our decades of experience. Our clear, practical, and honest communications, which we carefully orchestrate to give clients precisely what they need for efficient internal reporting and decision-making, are highly valued. We have exceptional trial experience and a history of successful results, which speak volumes to what clients want.

Although we work as a team to cover cases, each client receives the benefit of a lead attorney who has “seen it all.” They’ve taken countless depositions from doctors, accident reconstruction experts, biomechanical engineers, and others in bodily injury cases and know what these individuals will say before they walk into the room. This combination of experience and preparedness is one more way we provide value and efficiency to client matters. 


Our proprietary analytic technology and client-centric infrastructure allow us to support thousands of insurance cases, both complex and routine, at any given time. We can capture, sort, and analyze discrete data to uncover interconnected people and interests and root out potential insurance fraud.

With our technology, we identify individuals associated with specific cases known to be engaging in fraud, whether they be medical providers, doctors, attorneys, or others. At the press of a button, we can see their financial interests and associations. For less tech-savvy defense practices, finding the same answers our database can provide could take two, three, or more depositions. 

Exceptional Coverage for Bodily Injury Caseloads

Clients often say our team is their “insurance policy” against fraudulent claims, lost time, and out-of-control costs. For example, with our deep bench and Florida-wide presence, we can easily cover a deposition for a team member if they are called to a last-minute hearing. Our ability to collaborate in this way avoids litigation delays and cuts unnecessary costs for our clients.

We are also well-versed in medical protocols and treatments associated with bodily injuries. We are highly proficient at analyzing records and spotting inconsistencies, contrary to many firms that charge extra for adjunct medical professionals with this skill set.

Further, our investigators, who have been working for decades to uncover fraudulent schemes and activities involving doctors, treatments, and protocols, provide a treasure trove of background material for constructing case strategy and defenses for clients.

These are just some ways we offer “exceptional coverage” for our clients in defending bodily injury claims.


Effective communication is critical to client relationships and case outcomes. We proactively guide, help, and ease clients through claim evaluation, reporting, and decision making. In our detailed analysis of a case at the onset, we don’t just regurgitate the claim file — the facts that clients already know. Instead, we present a substantive accounting of the “good, the bad, and the ugly.” If a case looks ugly, we aren’t going to say it looks good just because that’s what the client wants to hear. If the facts look good, we set out a strategy, provide meaningful updates on the schedule of our client’s choice, and stay on top of the matter until it is resolved.

Breadth and Depth of Services

Our team has executed a variety of defense strategies to minimize or avoid loss for our clients in lawsuits alleging injuries related to defective products, engineering and design failure, exposure to chemicals and toxic materials, industrial accidents, motor vehicle and aircraft accidents, unsafe premises, intentional torts, and negligent professional representation and medical care.

We provide emergency response to critical incidents, handle early resolution of claims and cases, and cover class actions and multidistrict litigation.